New app to register yourself at LWH

Now you can self register for an appointment in LWH

Now no need to stand in a long line to register for your appointment. You can scan the QR code above, fill the form on your phone, pay by google pay or at the counter if your prefer and you are on you way! I hope this is useful for our patients. There is also a patient app that can be downloaded from the google play store that will permit you to access your lab results and test results from the comfort of your home. Download the grapes app from the google play store. 

Want to avoid long lines to pay for your tests? Deposit advance money in the G wallet function of the app or ask the billing clerk about it, deposit the money and. you are good to go. No need to stand in line to pay money again, You can go straight to the lab or x ray or department you need to go and they will automatically deduct the charge from you wallet. 

LWH is also issuing credit card size registration cards at the counter number two. This will fit into your Wallet. You can use this card to register for the future visits, and don’t need to bring your old outpatient card any more, since your data is on the computer. Please restrict yourself to ONE opd number, and keep that number life long. 

We hope these improvements will help make your LWH experience better. Do get back to us with feedback to help us improve further. 

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