Clinical Departments

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General Surgery

Staffed with two full time surgical consultants, we provide all types of surgery including laparoscopy, endourology, pediatric surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, trauma surgery, breast and endocrine surgery. We are well equipped to handle all these specialities.

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General Medicine

We provide a very high standard of internal medicine and are capable of taking care of heart disease, lifestyle diseases and also infectious disease.


Obstetrics and Gynaecology

We conduct about 450 deliveries a year safely and also have a neonatal nursery for care of the newborn.



We have a fully digital x ray system and spiral CT scan integrated with our Hospital management system with PACS. Our in house radiologist is always available for interpretations, ultrasound and doppler examinations.

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We believe Jesus is the healer and healing involves not just the body but the mind and the soul, and that families and communities also need healing. Our full time chaplain and counsellor provides comfort and hope to the ailing.


Eye Department

Eye Department is well equipped and capable of refraction, making glasses and holds annual surgical eye camps.

Dental Department

Dental Department

We have a full fledged dental department well equipped and staffed, capable of basic and advanced dentistry. We do our own x ray and we have a lab capable of making our own devices. Orthodontic services are provided by a visiting consultant monthly. 

Nursing department

Our nurses are the backbone of the hospital, administering care with professionalism and empathy. Sister Prabhjot is our able Nursing Supervisor.

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