Non Clinical Departments

Admin Office


Ms. Christina Dhas Sankhro is our able administrator, having worked both in the corporate and mission set up. Mr. Francis Gengmei is our Finance Manager. Ms. Deepa Johnson is our Assistant H. R. Manager.



Our in house pharmacy stocks all the medicines we need and is open 24 hours for our patients. Dr. Ahron Antony is the Supervisor of this department.



Stores is run efficiently and keeps the hospital supplied with all essential items. Mr. Shivkant Gupta is our efficient Manager of Stores and has run this department very efficiently.



Accounts department holds the keys to the finances and conducts regular audits, and ensures smooth running of the hospital. Mr. Francis Gengmei is the Finance Manager who keeps everything on an even keel.

IT Department

Computer and IT

Our hospital has a hospital information system that is comprehensive and integrates all areas. Servers provided with back up protect against data loss. Mr. Hukum Daniel and Mr. Antonyswami keep all the machines ticking.

Laundry 1


Laundry is now automated and equipped with a dryer, washer, press, stain remover. Ms. Surthi has faithfully run this department for years.



This department keeps all our equipment running smoothly and that in itself is quite a task. The multi skilled staff are always at the forefront of all development and new projects that always seem to be happening on campus.

Mr. Johnson is the Head of this Department.



Our team of safe drivers are expert in negotiating our vehicles over and through the inhospitable and impassable terrain.

Security 2


Our security team are multitaskers, accomplishing all sorts of odd jobs and keeping the hospital running smoothly and safely.

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