Papers and publications

Despite being rural, remote and small, we are serious about academic research and ongoing improvement in quality and the standard of medicine we practice. We believe in the four golden principles of ethical treatment. We strive to provide standard of care to our patients, and believe that the rural patient is entitled to relevant standards of care as in any other geographical location. We do this by a system of clinical audit. We are moving towards NABH accreditation which will also help us with this goal. We also participate in research, both in our hospital and also as part of other collaboratives to further relevance of research to rural areas. 

The Global surgery collaborative

The Global Surgery Collaborative is a collaboration of international surgeons with links to the NIHR (National Institute of health research in the UK, and with the University of Birmingham and Scotland. The collaborative now has 2000 surgeons in 66 countries who are passionate about redirecting research on an international collaborative. Significant publications are the Falcon Study published in the Lancet in October 2021 and the Cheetah Study, published in October 2022, both of which focus on Surgical Site Infections. Details of these papers can be accessed below. Many other ongoing trials and studies are currently under way. 

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