Our Projects

Projects Completed

There is always something going on in Mission hospital Manali, some older facilities being upgraded, new equipment being installed, some changes being made to facilitate patient care and flow.


  • The stores has been redone with closed shelves for all the medicines and supplies.
  • Oxygen pipelines have been relaid with broader gauge pipelines and safety and monitoring systems connected to a central manifold.
  • The pharmacy lift has been made functional.



We have installed an effluent treatment plant complying with government requirements and our plant is possibly the only functioning one in this district.


All water supplied to the hospital, school and residences is filtered and treated, and then automatically pumped into various holding tanks in various areas, each with an indicator and alarm.

Both these projects have been made possible due to generous donors through Touch Ministries, and due to the technical expertise and guidance of our Chief Operations officer Mr. Franklyne Dhayalan.

  • New cash counter and upgrade of pharmacy:

The pharmacy has been upgraded with aesthetic and functional bins. Patients can be served right at the emergency room with a cashier window.

  • Medical records streamlined and given a make over

Our medical records storage was a huge mess, and last year we were able to build closed cabinets that keep our records dust free, orderly and easily retrievable. Thanks to our intrepid carpenter Mr. Vasil, and our dedicated staff Ms. Rajmohini Banon, Pinki, and thanks to our volunteer Ms. Mary Walters.

  • Ultrasound room made functional and ct scan and digital x ray images now accessible via the hospital software. Dr. Amy our radiologist is now in house and available for emergency and routine radiology reports.
  • Grapes software upgraded:

The grapes software is running with nearly full functionality and they have introduced a patient app via which patients can make appointments, review their summaries, lab reports and prescriptions.

Projects to be Completed

  • New toilet block for patients
  • We really need a new out patient block, this is a huge project. Drawings for this have already been procured from EMI (Engineering Ministries International)
  • Subsequent to this our electrical wiring needs to be redone, also to be done by Dharamjraj and sons.

The corona virus outbreak has halted all our projects midstream as we wait for this storm to pass prior to initiating any further work.

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