Emergency & Surgical Care

Pangi OT 2

Emergency & Surgical Care

Since we are probably the only facility in Manali capable of attending to and intervening in surgical and medical emergencies, we are equipped to provide this service round the clock. Our consultants have been trained and certified in ACLS, ATLS, and in trauma management. Dr. Anna hold the position of faculty in Emergency Medicine. All our staff are well trained and capable of handling emergent care and have attended to and saved innumerable lives over the years. The emergency room is open 24 hours.

We have found protocol driven care to be beneficial to the outcome of emergent care. We are capable of emergent intubation, defibrillation, external pacing and our operating rooms and teams are always on standby.

Manali due to its location is beset with multiple road traffic accidents, with vehicles going off mountainsides and into the river. Besides trauma, medical emergencies have also begun to predominate, with heart attacks, poisonings, diabetic coma, and strokes every increasing in number. All of these require immediate specialized emergency care, stabilization, intensive care and on occasion intervention or referral after stabilization to higher centres.

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