Nurses Day 2024

Nurses day 2024

We consider our nurses to be the backbone of the health services offered at our hospital. True to their tradition, they are always there for the patients, touching, healing, caring and serving. Our nurses hold to a very high professional standard we can all be proud of. To celebrate them, Nurses week will be celebrated at our Institution. The celebrations were inaugurated by a function held in the Jubilee hall. 

Dr. M. Sudhanshu Shekhar, Ph. D, Scientist-F & officiating OiC,  Inaugurated the function as the Chief Guest at a function where the nurses put up songs and dances. All the nurses rededicated themselves with the Nurses Pledge. A street play on hypertension was presented by our nurses and also the nursing schools from Kullu, the Chamunda nursing school and also the Christian Nursing school.  All of them did very well and conveyed the emergent need to prevent, diagnose, monitor and treat hypertension. These street plays will subsequently be taken to the streets of Manali and the villages on the 14th and 15th of May. 

Of course a sumptuous lunch provided a fitting end to the day. 

Subsequent programs for the week will include:


May 13th Monday: Food stalls, game stalls, jumble sale and raffle scheduled all day with various culinary delicacies  from different Indian states represented to satisfy the taste buds of everyone. A sweet stall to provide a fitting finish to the smorgasboard. Jumble sale of items for you to take home at rockbottom prices and a raffle sale, which just might make you the winner of wonderful and useful prices at the low rate of twenty rupees a ticket. All proceeds to go to the Poor Patients Fund. 

May 14th and 15th: (Tuesday and Wednesday) Street play on Mall road and also in surrounding villages by our Nurses. 




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