Obituary Mr. Kishan Gopal

Obituary - Mr. Kishan

It is with partial disbelief and great sorrow we bid a final farewell to Mr. Kishan Gopal, who passed away on 27th January 2022. He suffered a heart attack in Nepal while he was returning from visiting his centenarian father, and succumbed, despite receiving all the necessary care in a cardiac centre in Kathmandu.

Mr. Kishan joined the Lady Willingdon hospital as a spritely young boy. He stayed on serving till his retirement on 23rd October 2021. 

He was not just an employee, he was an institution in himself. Driver, mechanic, cook, security, ward aide, Maintainance man, public relation officer, Good Samaritan, spokesperson for the underprivileged, social worker, were the many caps he wore. Punctuating his comments with his characteristic guffaw, he had the unique ability to make his point, and bring a smile to those he was addressing, all at the same time. 

It is inconceivable that we will not be hearing his guffaw in our campus again. Our hearts go out to his family, his wife and son, daughter Vaishali, and son in law Sonam. 

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